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To create birthday invitations, you can use a variety of ways, ranging from ordering a printing agent invitations or create your own using your personal computer applications. For those of you who like to draw or like painting would prefer to make their own birthday invitations templates, such as using computer applications such as photo editing application until Microsoft office can also be used to manufacture birthday invitation. In this opportunity I would try a little to explain some of the ways to make circus birthday invitations with Microsoft Word that would be very easy to do yourself at home.

Step by step on how to make Circus Birthday Invitations

The first step to make the birthday invitations is to open the program first Microsoft Word on your computer, here you do not have to use Microsoft Word latest version because the older version was like Microsoft office 2003 also actually remained the same could be used because the most important thing here is the creativity of your own will be decisive.

Once you open a Microsoft Word program, the next step is to create a new project such as when you want to create a document normally or you can also use ready-made templates. Some templates might look so formal for a birthday invitation, so if you still do not have a template from which it fairly making a blank first page. This means that you need to choose the right template that will suitable with your party theme. For examples retro party can use a retro birthday party invitation decoration and theme.

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After you ready the blank page you already have, the next step you just put the image you want, in this case you can use a variety of sample images according to what you want for example as vector image design your face or even a variety of decorations that can easily be found through the internet. When you start to attach one after the picture you want, try not to be too much in giving the picture of this because it will give the impression that too pushy or even will be seen less unsightly. Note also the layout of each image that you put on your birthday invitation that, like a room in a house, the placement of the image will also determine the beauty of the design of a birthday invitation you made.

Once the design was felt to have been established then the last step is to start preparing the word – any word that might be required for your hair. Usually in a birthday invitation then writing your name on her birthday as well as the place and time of the commencement of the birthday party will be very important, but here you need to consider also the laying of each article you are to be readable. Avoid writing repetitive and try to use type fonts are easy to read, but not standard, you can use such as comic sans font or the like. After all done, you now can print the birthday invitation letter.

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