30+ Tea Party Birthday Invitations

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Tea Party Birthday Invitations – Birthday has always been a very special moment for everyone would not be surprised if the day is exactly almost every year, not a few people who celebrate it with various things, such as by holding a birthday party. Not only do the children but teens and parents are still there which is always celebrated the anniversary in each year, there are celebrating with a birthday party, but there are also just celebrated with family gatherings. For those of you who currently have a small child will sometimes get request so you could celebrate your kid birthday and it became such a request that cannot be denied, and for you who are interested here we are giving some tutorial on how to make tea party birthday invitations or birthday invitation template for your kids using Photoshop.

Guide to make tea party birthday invitation

Then how to make a festive birthday party be? One thing that is important is because this birthday invitation will be able to attract a lot of friends – friends your child to be able to come to your child’s birthday party. There are many models of birthday invitations for children can be found on the market but if you want a birthday invitation that is different then make a birthday invitation itself might be the right way, but it also makes birthday invitation itself could obtain a design like what your child wants. On this occasion I will try to give a little explanation of how to make a birthday invitation with Photoshop which might be very useful for you.

First make sure you have your first Photoshop application on your computer, but if not there, then you can look for it in advance from various sources. However, if the existing computer applications Photoshop then you can now start to open it and start by creating a new project via the file tab or can be by pressing ctrl + N. Here you can use the background color as you wish or you can also use a background with images obtained from the internet for the birthday invitation design

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After you set the background of your child’s birthday invitation then the next step is to provide a variety of decorations again as a sweetener such as the use of the image – smaller images or PNG format can also directly provide interesting and informative text. But if you want to look into a memorable birthday invitation, then you can put your child’s photo as a sweetener in the birthday invitation, use the same way as before and take advantage of the magnetic lasso tool to trim crop your child’s photo.

As a final step, you just adjust the sharpness and brightness of colors for the invitation only. Use the function of brightness, contrast and curve until the color becomes more unsightly. Then if you are done you just printing it through a printer at home or go ahead with the extension PSD files and take it to the printer to be printed in accordance with the size and material of paper you want. And there you go some of the most interesting step to make your own birthday invitation party letter, hope it will help you.

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